Rapid Diagnostics ML Limited have developed a saliva sample Real-Time PCR Point of Care test for the accurate detection of COVID-1

Rapid Diagnostics ML Limited have developed a saliva sample Real-Time PCR Point of Care test for the accurate detection of COVID-19.

“In the last few weeks we have succeeded in developing a new saliva sample Covid-19 test.

This is a great alternative to the invasive, and sometimes painful, deep nasal (mucus) sample and throat (sputum) swab.

The new test only requires the individual to spit 2ml of saliva into a sample tube and disposable funnel.

Our method negates the difficulty in consistently capturing a positive swab sample from the upper sinuses or back of the throat.

The saliva sample is much simpler to collect and is performed by the testee then handed over to the tester sealed, in turn reducing the risk of droplet-borne infection in the testing area.”

Robert Clink, CEO of Rapid Diagnostics commented.

The Rapid MiniLab RT-PCR Desktop Point of Care Platform can be operated by non medical personnel, with just 10 minutes training. There are only 3 touch screen buttons and giving a fully automatic operation.

This lab free test which is very simple to perform gives a result in under 40 minutes, while you wait. This allows for an immediate clinical decision.

The MiniLab Platform was developed building on technology originally invented by some of the country’s top scientists at The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), Porton Down. Designed to match Central Laboratory accuracy in a minituarised robotic desktop device.

The first Covid-19 assay to be validated for the Rapid MiniLab can accurately detect COVID-19 positive samples with a completely automated Sample to Result workflow.

Engineered to be easy to operate, the MiniLab can be effective at Care Home receptions, local clinics, airports arrivals, doctors surgery, hospital wards and any building or school entry point.

With this effective Point of Care Test, you can ensure a facility is Covid-19 free and maintain that each day.

A 40-minute wait for an accurate PCR test, giving only a saliva sample, is practical and can provide a safe living and working environment.

Robert Clink, CEO of Rapid Diagnostics, commented, ” The Rapid MiniLab with the SARS-nCov-2 assay has the capability to improve current Coronavirus Point of Care Testing, by delivering Central Laboratory accuracy of results, in a fraction of the current Turn around Time, at any location.

Our test is based on Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR), which is known as the Gold Standard.

An ideal diagnostic is both specific and sensitive, which means that people who test positive truly have the disease and none of the people carrying the virus slip through the test as a false negative.

The requirement for repetitive and consistant sample collection is enhanced by a definite visual saliva sample.

The Coronavirus pandemic is being fought on multiple fronts, and a desk top RT-PCR diagnostic device is one part of a wide range of solutions required to combat this virus.

We are receiving DHSC and Public Health England validation and regulatory support, which accelerates our UK availability.

We are focussed on an accelerated programme of production and commercialisation to provide Point of Care testing for Coronavirus, contributing to the national effort, providing a local test for vulnerable groups and communities”

About Rapid Diagnostics ML Limited

Rapid Diagnostics, based in Didcot, Oxfordshire, is a commercial stage, fast developing molecular diagnostics equipment manufacturer and assay developer.

The Rapid MiniLab system is the culmination of many years of development effort.

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