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Rapid Technology

Rapid Diagnostics ML Ltd. has a large portfolio of proprietary technologies which support integrated real-time PCR:

  • Automated sample preparation
  • Real-time PCR instrumentation
  • Unique direct heating thermal cycling
  • Novel real-time PCR chemistries
  • Freeze-dried PCR reagents

Rapid technology can be applied to a wide range of different samples.

The Rapid MiniLab™ extensive sample capability captures all POC infectious and non-infectious clinical needs.

The MiniLab and its cartridge are unique in being capable of development to use a broad range of sample types to extend the use of the system across all areas of clinical need. Currently configured for swabs and sputum, it is intended to extend the range of samples to include urine, whole blood (without a pre-culture step) and tissue sections.

Intellectual Property

Rapid acquired the extensive patent portfolio and associated know-how, trademarks, software and registered design rights in 2017.

This IP portfolio protects the technologies and platform system comprising all elements of the MiniLab and cartridge. Many of these patents and associated Intellectual Property rights are granted in key worldwide territories protecting Rapid’s fast-growing commercialisation activities.

Rapid is supported by Greaves Brewster LLP (Cheddar, UK) and Stratagem IPM Ltd (Cambridge, UK) in the management and protection of its IP portfolio