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The MiniLab is a simple to use instrument designed for non-technical users and delivers on-site results to clinical and POC users. The instrument has been designed and developed according to the exacting standards of in vitro diagnostic products. The MiniLab was CE approved in 2016 with its first multiplexed respiratory assay panel.

Primarily designed for clinical use, the MiniLab is equally relevant for use in Applied Markets where site location is an essential requirement such as bio-pharmaceutical, veterinary, Homeland Security, defence and food testing.

The Rapid MiniLab™ incorporates a disposable cartridge which accommodates liquid or swab samples without manual processing. All reagents are held on the cartridge and all steps are automated, minimizing the risk of human error or cross contamination.

It takes six easy steps to complete a test and minimal hands on time with both a print-out and screen confirmation of sample results.